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So long Livebooks and WordPress…  Check out the the new blog and website here:

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Sunset Light – Linn Canyon Ranch Wedding

Nothing beats the dreamy evening light.  I love this time of day!

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer, Linn Canyon Ranch Wedding Photographer, Wyoming Ranch Wedding

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The Groom’s Details – Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer

As much as I love getting shot of the rings, flowers, and all the other fun items we can’t forget the guys!  They have a few fun items that need to be documented too.  Detail photos really tell a story…

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer, Jackson Hole Wedding Photography, Wyoming Destination Wedding

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Wedding Pooches – Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer

Love it when the dogs get to be a part of the fun too!

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer,Wyoming Destination Wedding, Jackson Hole Wedding Photography

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Nikon Experience – A Day in the Life Jackson Hole

In late August I had the incredible honor to work with Nikon and MRM Worldwide on a really wonderful project.  It was an absolute dream assignment.  “You have two days to shoot in your backyard.  Propose a shot list.  Go……”  When I got that call I nearly fell out of my chair.  These days it’s pretty rare that anyone gives you the creative freedom to make your own shot list.  But this speaks highly of Nikon and how much trust they put in their photographers.  The goal was to show how we as photographers use the tools available to us to get out, capture moments, make beautiful images, and most importantly have a lot of fun doing it.  The project also included the amazing talents of Corey Rich, and Troy House.  Both of these guys have been producing high level imagery for a long time so it’s an unbelievable honor for me to be involved alongside them.

 There is plenty of eye candy on the site which you can see here:

What I really need to do is thank all of the amazing people who helped me make this happen.  It might look simple but there were 14 people and one cute little dog on set with us for these 2 days.  I put a lot of hard work into the concept and production of this shoot and without all these talented folks I could have never pulled this off.  The weather conditions were really tricky but in the end it all came together.  I am extremely proud of the images we made and can’t say enough about the efforts of everyone involved.

First and foremost Rachel Max.  YOU.ARE.AMAZING. and I just can’t thank you enough for bringing me on.

Shawn and Tony – Thanks for the direction and for crushing it on the creative end of things.  The site is beautiful.

Brad – good work on keeping the above folks in line……  Ha…..

Mike Corrado, my new brother and the Nikon guru – Man we had fun.  Your timelapse opener of the Tetons is right on.  And my camera straps are tight!

Alyson Joubert – Your confidence and support in my vision for this was huge.  Thank you for keeping us on track.

Amy Ringholz – Thank you so very much for welcoming us into your space.  You inspire me to push farther in my work.  So lucky to have talented friends like you !!!!

Meghan, Amy, Bubba the Owl, and Teton Raptor Center – Incredible!!!  Such a cool experience to photograph with you.  Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for these beautiful animals.

Kelly, Dana, Maggie, and Brad and R Lazy S Ranch – There really aren’t words to express my gratitude.  We all agree the shot of Maggie and Dana running in the meadow was the best image of the shoot.  That was one of the coolest moments I have ever experienced with a camera in my hand.  THANK YOU.  I will never forget that gorgeous evening…..

Props to Stio and Noah Waterhouse for some rad clothes to style the shoot

Crista, Krystin, and Seth.  Nothing better than to get out with your friends and make pictures.  This is after all what it’s all about.  Thank you guys for being a part of this.  Seth, I won’t ever ask you to jump into cold water again…. unless you want to……

And my crew – Amanda Parker and Alison Kyle for production

John Slaughter for BTS images

Jonathan Crosby for the right hand

You guys absolutely killed it.  There is no way any of this could have happened without you.  Can’t wait til the next one…..

And above all thank you Jackson Hole for providing inspiration every minute of everyday.  I can’t imagine a better place to call home.  What an honor to share with the world some of what we do here in this wonderful place.  

Here are a few images that didn’t make the cut (But could have!)

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Laura & Justin

Nothing like a family affair.  What an amazing weekend.  I am so glad I could be a part of this with you!  So happy for you two!  Have fun in Paris!!!!

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Michelle and Tyler

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Grand Finale

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Graye and Cameron – Jackson Hole Engagement Session

Gorgeous couple and evening light.  Looking forward to the wedding this September…..

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Wedding Tree Jackson Hole Engagement Session

My favorite type of light in one of the iconic Jackson Hole Wedding locations.  The Wedding Tree.

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Jen Kessler Gorgeous light! You are so lucky to be able to shoot in such a beautiful location!